Photography — Babeth Albert

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Table René

The pentagonal Table René steers away from typical table typologies: it is less prescriptive and playful. It neither has the clear head of a rectangular table, nor the equal positioning of a round table. The irregular shape brings a certain dynamic about, a flow that directs people around the table. It blurs the boundaries between the areas it has been placed in.

At first, Table René comes across as a solid wooden object. At a closer look, the typical layered plywood structure becomes visible. Machine-cut plywood sheets have been stained in a dark tint, glued and sanded into its final shape. It is a sculptural piece, a playful and pure object that shares the same spirit as Charlotte Vercruysse's larger work: 'In my designs I go to the essence, but I aim to translate my ideas into a homely atmosphere. The result should be architectural and pure, but practical and pleasant at the same time.'

Table René can be reproduced on request. The dimensions and the finish of the tinted plywood can be adjusted to the client's needs.

Photographs — babeth albert