Photography — Matt Lindén

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Residence P

This reconversion of a farmhouse into a family home, is located in the rural town of Zwevegem in West-Flanders. The renovation was realised in partnership with architect Stef Claes.

To start off with an open plan, the complete interior was emptied and opened up where possible. The new kitchen was centrally placed, facing the garden and in close connection with the dining and living quarters. Glazed room dividers in black steel frames spread light throughout the home. In the kitchen, a graphic play between the dark-tinted oak cabinets and bright the calacatta marble worktops unfolds. Overall, the materials palette is calm, with pastellone floors in the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms and a naturally-tinted oak in the living room.

In the attic, three small connected rooms were stripped bare, except for the dividing load-bearing walls and the original roof structure. Claes and Vercruysse aimed for the purest possible look and worked with these architectural restraints, rather than against them. Within the string of opened-up rooms, specific functions such as a bathing area, a generous washbasin and storage walls fell into place. Mirrored cabinets enlarge the upstairs spaces and add a playful touch. Ultimately, the renovation celebrates the best of both worlds: the introduction of pure, contemporary design combined with the charm of the authentic farmhouse atmosphere.

Photography — Matt Lindén