Photography — Depasquale + Maffini

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Guesthouse R

In a secluded area surrounded by a lush green garden with old trees, an existing guesthouse was given a new image, radiating a sophisticated, contemporary feel.

Key to the brief behind the project was to create a unique and remote work environment, where meetings and professional stays can take place in a serene environment.

At the entrance, guests are met by a generous curved staircase, which coexists with the straight lines of the rooms that follow. The artisanal palladiana floor is an introduction to the level of craftmanship that can be found throughout the house. In the living room, the central wooden fireplace and a curated selection of vintage furniture and contemporary art set an informal tone. The adjacent dining area offers generous views onto the garden.

On the first floor, the overall atmosphere is one in which guests can feel completely at ease, enjoying the highest level of comfort. The guest rooms have a relaxed vibe with spacious all-white bathrooms and accents in warm-toned wood. From bespoke lighting, vanity units, to the use of the finest veneer millwork and marble details, all has been designed with a keen eye for detail.

In the dramatic green backyard, a wooden pavilion has been discreetly tucked away. The modest volume has been given large openings, granting views onto a lively water feature. The facade, interior cabinetry and interior walls are clad in black-stained wood, contributing to the creation of a sobre place to contemplate, to become one with nature.

Photography — Depasquale + Maffini